In this world of ever increasing rate of innovation and changing economic conditions, it is increasingly challenging to stay ahead of your competitors.

CSI will help you reach your innovation goals by making brainpower and lab facilities at Bulgarian public research institutes available to you, and manage your R&D projects for you from the lab to the factory.

For your innovation project, CSI will

  • help you define the project scope and needs
  • find the best researchers and equipment
  • form a project team
  • manage the project locally for you
  • lead towards commercially interesting results
  • help you implement the results in your business.

Your advantage using CSI

  • CSI offers flexibility: you can temporarily add to your innovation capacity as needed, from a simple analysis to full implementation of a large innovation project.
  • CSI offers additional expertise: we have a large network of researchers in a wide range of disciplines, including the classical fields of chemistry but also in engineering, physics, biology, agriculture, IT, etc.
  • CSI offers additional facilities: we have access to a wide range of equipment to supplement your own facilities.

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