How We Work

How we organise the cooperation between you, CSI and our partners depends on the complexity of the project. For a simple analysis, a purchase order is probably the only document needed. For more complicated projects, we foresee the following work flow:

  1. An opportunity is identified which needs R&D efforts. This could be an incremental innovation, such as product improvement, troubleshooting, customer complaint resolution, etc. or an idea for a disruptive innovation.
  2. AN R&D project definition is made (if desired, facilitated by CSI), and it is found that the project is “outsourceable”.
  3. CSI is contacted with a non-confidential project description, and CSI decides if the project is “doable” with its available resources.
  4. An NDA is signed, project details are discussed, and CSI confirms that it can deliver the necessary resources.
  5. A contract is signed with CSI and if necessary with its subcontractors, covering project description, remuneration, confidentiality, IPR, etc.
  6. CSI forms the project execution team, and a kick-off meeting is held with participation of CSI, its subcontractors and if desired, the client.
  7. The project is executed under CSI’s professional management, with regular reporting, client feedback, and go-no go continuation decisions. CSI ensures the project is executed within time and budget limits and leads the project towards commercially interesting results.
  8. The final results are reported, including advice on how the results can be implemented by the client.
  9. If desired, CSI can assist with the implementation of the results at the client site, ensuring a good transfer of knowledge.

If you have different views on how to organise our cooperation, we are open to suggestions. We want to listen to our client’s needs and adapt our services accordingly. The end goal is commercial success for our clients!