What We Do

CSI is a company that mediates between industries that wish to outsource R&D projects in chemistry, and research institutes in Bulgaria and neighbouring countries that are looking for industrial partners.

For the chemical industry, CSI will

  • find the best researchers that are most qualified for answering the questions posed by the industry,
  • form a project team from them, and
  • manage the project locally.

Bulgarian researchers

The level of Bulgarian chemistry education is one of the highest in the world, while at the same time the incomes of Bulgarian researchers are much lower than in most European countries. Many highly skilled Bulgarian researchers are thus available at low costs. We have good contacts with these researchers, especially at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and at the University of Sofia. We also have good connections in neighbouring countries such as Romania and Serbia as well as in Russia. If desired, we could perform a survey of possible research partners in any country you may find interesting.

Project team

Depending on the nature of the research project, a team of researchers, technicians and other support personnel will be formed. After the project definition stage, this team will work under the management of CSI and a local project manager, while the involvement of the customer industry is minimised to what is optimal for a fruitful execution of the project.

Project management

CSI will use a series of modern management tools to ensure that the research is carried out in such a way that the required results are obtained within the deadline set by the customer. We will use the latest project management software to ensure that the project is executed according to a strict time schedule. At the start of the project, we pay special attention to building a team out of the project participants and to ensure that everybody is motivated and knows his/her role in the project. During the project, weekly status meetings will be held to follow the progress of the project and to inform the participants and keep them motivated. The customer will receive minutes of these meetings as well as monthly progress reports. It is our aim to make you feel like if our laboratory is next door to yours.

CSI delivers Western-European Quality R&D for Eastern-European Budgets